Pam McLean-Parker


"The photograph thus taken has been almost the embodiment of a prayer."
photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron

The Bryn Athyn Pinhole Series
This 2001/2002 series was created by contact printing 4” x 5” negatives made in a pinhole camera.  The use of a pinhole camera to create images of Bryn Athyn Cathedral located in Pennsylvania was an appropriate match of “camera technology” and subject matter. 

Compositionally challenging, a pinhole camera aids in the creation of a focus free, unlimited exposure of a negative in a light tight box.  The resulting distortions and vignetting in the images well suited the subject of Bryn Athyn Cathedral which was designed to have no true ninety degree angles or straight lines within the walls of the building. 

The series was sepia toned for a warmer quality and an older feeling.  These images point to a sacred presence that is seen and unseen.

A limited series of prints is available from this series. 
Presented in a signed archival mat these 4” x 5” prints cost $120.